Pillow Thoughts Explores Mending The Mind


Layla Smith, Staff Reporter

Courtney Peppernell has just released the newest addition to her Pillow Thoughts series; “Pillow Thoughts III: Mending the Mind.” As a continuation of You’s journey having already gone through emotional and mental growth, we now see You travel through the hardships of maturity within this new addition. In Peppernell’s writing, we experience what it’s like leaving the mind of a child and entering the world of reality. While looking back on happy, joyful moments as well as regrets, Peppernell reflects on the path she took and where it led her. Within her experiences we learn that although you can miss moments of the past, you have to accept and respect that they shape the present and the future.


Peppernell’s poetry and prose take you out of yourself and into the eyes of another, seeing from another’s point of view how the unique tribulations of life can be. We explore the fear of the future and the transition from past to present on this adventure through the maturing process. We see that life is full of obstacles and irrationality, breathing a sense of realness into poetry.


In comparison with Peppernell’s other books from the series and “The Road Between” I would give this book a lower rating. If you enjoy reading about reflection and self healing, this book is perfect. The way that Peppernell has with words is other worldly, overall I give this book an 8/10.