Nolan Bends the Ideas of Time Travel in Tenet

Jordan Dohring, Newswriter

Christopher Nolan, who is most notably the creator of Inception, has brought audiences to a whole new level of mind-bending confusion with Tenet. Critics seem to have mixed feelings about the movie, which came out on September 5, 2020. I doubt anyone could deny the excitement and suspense throughout this action-packed film; which is increased tenfold from the score by Ludwig Göransson, known for his work on Black Panther and the Mandalorian. It features beautiful scenery and heart-pounding events all sprinkled with something that isn’t time-travel, though truly, those are the only words I can use to describe it. 

The Protagonist is the name of Tenet’s protagonist, played by John David Washington. He navigates a new kind of world after passing a “test” of some sort, with only one word: Tenet. Bound to the plot with the knowledge that he must prevent World War III, he works to… well. I’m not spoiling it. What you can know is the witty comebacks and friendship with Robert Patterson’s character, Neil, is entertaining, and the serious view into an abusive relationship brings watchers into the story emotionally. 

Those looking for a movie to sit back and relax to will not find comfort in Tenet. I recommend taking the challenge of understanding the details, and even if you cannot, anyone can enjoy the thrills and action. Be ready to debate with your friends and family about it afterward, and plan to watch it again and again. Tenet is the kind of movie “for dissection and deconstruction,” Empire’s reviewer, Alex Godfrey states, like Nolan’s past films. 

In conclusion, I’d rate this movie an 8/10 for the excitement I find in figuring out the interconnecting plot, and the scenes which got my heart racing. Whether you decide to take the movie’s own advice (“Don’t try to understand it. Feel it.”), or pick it apart like me, I wholeheartedly recommend Tenet.