J. Cole’s album addresses real issues

J. Cole’s new album, KOD, is an exploration of his relationship with drugs and battle with addiction.

The title of the album has three different meanings that all speak to his album’s message: Kids On Drugs, King OverDosed, and Kill Our Demons. Cole depicts our society as overmedicated at the sole of his album, but also explores other heavy and controversial subjects.

“Photograph” discusses the idea of catfishing on social media, as well as identity theft. On “BRACKETS,” he talks about his tax money and what the government could really be doing with it. His verse on the outro, “Window Pain,” tells the horrifyingly real story of a girl who witnessed her cousin being shot in the head.

Overall, the album has a lot of unique songs with very compelling meanings behind them, definitely putting Cole on blast for his creativity and opinion on certain social and economic matters. Aside from his amazing voice, the words in his songs speak to not only his fans, but touches the hearts of many struggling individuals and the music industry as a whole.