The Creators of Homecoming and Their Thoughts


The homecoming parade theme was “Game On”. Glenn Baseball re-created the game “Pac-Man” for their float.

Kumba Jagne, Contributor

Glenn high school’s homecoming 2022 was on October 8th. The theme was “Winner Takes All.” Homecoming was organized and decorated by the student council. The following are some of their thoughts on the homecoming planning process.

“Mrs. Tamez had planned out the organization of the parade really well, but in the end we were all running around anyway because the parade is such a huge event,” Student Council President Madeline Guiterrez said. 

The homecoming parade involves so many other players outside of student council, making it one of the biggest technical feats of homecoming week. Overall, student council members had much less involvement in the parade than last year but Arlene Tamez, the student council sponsor, did a lot of work behind the scenes. She bought city permits, reserved equipment for the community rally, and had to accommodate various different walking groups and trailers. 

Student council members designed and painted banners for the parade cars of the homecoming court and Mr. Glenn.
(Kumba Jagne)

“Last year, homecoming was very stressful,” Guiterrez said. “I pretty much didn’t attend class that week because we needed to finish decor, finish committee floats, set-up for the pep rally, etc. This year I think we planned it out very well and got a lot of help from people in [the] STuCo [club outside of class] so the week of homecoming was not too stressful.” 

Last year’s student council had much more on their plates. They decorated a sophomore, junior and senior float for the parade and planned the pep rally along with the homecoming dance. This year the student council did not make floats and cheer planned the pep rally. However, the student council did still host the community rally after the parade. 


“This year we were more prepped on the expectations from last year and the whole process seemed less rushed,” Student Council Vice President Elliejean Winters said.

Last year the student council class had over 20 students, but this year they had just above 15 students. Student council members that were only a part of the club and not the class contributed greatly to the success of homecoming. 

“I loved being on GNN and talking about necessary homecoming events that people should know about because I feel like it’s a good way to get information out in a personal way to students,” senior representative Sophia Pham said. “I always get nervous in front of large groups of people, so I think being a representative is helping me grow, as I get to relay information to the student body.”

“My favorite part [of homecoming planning] was seeing all the creative ideas for different aspects of the dance and setting,” senior Ellie Jean Winters said. 

Student council had to get inventive with the decorations to save money. Most of the decorations were made using cardboard and paper. They created giant dice, a photobooth, card suit cutouts, garlands made of card suits, and centerpieces. In the end, everything came together to create a beautiful final product. 

Student council members Yasmin Guiterrez and Jazlyn Sandoval making giant dice from a cardboard box and white and black paper. (Kumba Jagne)
Centerpieces made of small cardboard boxes, vinyl stickers, playing cards, and tissue paper. (Eden Aracino)