“Odd Couple” Cast Talks About Opening Week

Ashley Igau, Staff Reporter

Glenn High School Fall Theatre Show is approaching quickly. The week of Sep. 22 is opening week for the Fall Show, “Odd Couple”.


“I like to say it’s like the first couple of episodes of season one of Friends when Rachel and Monica move in together,” Director Melody Morton said “It’s basically just two best friends…who decide to move in together but they are complete opposites of each other and so it creates chaos.”


For those who like to watch the show Friends, Odd Couple is going to be a crowd pleaser.


“I also really enjoy theatre no matter what the play is,” junior Jacob Busby, who plays Speed in the male cast, said. “I have a lot of good memories in theatre. It’s gonna be fun and ridiculous.”


 Most of the actors gave similar answers when asked if they were excited about opening week and many stated that they were excited to perform but when asked about if they were ready most actors agreed that they had more work to do before the show date.


“More time would be helpful,” sophomore Addie Dailey, who plays Murray in the male cast, said. “But I think that with all the shows that we do…we do a really good job at the end. I think it’s the pressure that puts it all into perspective.”


Even though they still have a few kinks to work out with the show, many of the actor’s answers were similar to Dailey’s, they may have some issues now but it is all coming together and will be ready by opening night. Some of the actors when interviewed had a few statements for the audience that will be watching them, a few need to knows.


“It’s okay to laugh, it is a funny show,” junior Zoe Newberry, who plays Florence Unger in the female cast, said. “If you think something’s funny just laugh, it’s not gonna throw anyone off.”


Many people are afraid to laugh during a show as they are worried that they may throw the actors onstage off and create an issue, but knowing it’s okay to laugh may help to ease some of that worry in the audience members. 


“It is a really funny show but there are some serious topics so keep that in mind.” Sophomore Bella Castillo, who plays Roy in the male cast, said. “I’m real excited to show them what we’ve been doing.”


Noting that there is some more mature content in the show, giving the audience members a heads up so when they come to the show, they’ll have an idea of what to expect and who they should bring with them.


Additional Info:


The Odd Couple premieres the week of the 22 with the 24 and 25 being the understudy shows, only $5 for a ticket which includes a soda, popcorn and candy. The 26-28 will be the regular shows costing $8, the 26 being the female cast, 27 being the male cast both at 7p.m. and the 28 being both-1p.m. is the female cast and 7p.m. being the male cast.