Off-season prepares athletes for in-season

As many sports’ seasons coming to an end, off-season is the topic between many athletes.

Sports are working towards strengthening and conditioning in their post/pre-season, moving in and out of the weight room and the track.

“In basketball, strength is very important,” junior Akashia Key said. “This is why we spend a lot of our time in the weight room. We want to be in out best possible shape before the next season, especially since we are moving up a division. Going 5A means competing against, stronger, more competitive girls.”

The basketball girls aren’t the only ones putting in work this offseason.

“The swim team works on agility and cardio as we prepare for our regular season,” junior Gwen Pettus said. “We want to build up all of our endurance to prepare for when we actually get in the pools during our regular season. To be a swimmer, you ideally want to not only have strength, but also the ability to withstand the water. We also frequently have study halls in where we catch up on school work.”

Off-season gives athletes a chance to build and strengthen any areas they were lacking during the season. All the teams here at Glenn are working diligently to make sure they are prepared for their upcoming season.

“Because of off-season, I feel more sure of what’s to come,” Key said. “We’ll be ready for the season and better than we ever were before.”