Months of work pays off at Spring Show

On the evening of April 20 and 21, the dance team, dance classes, and multiple dance companies- including some middle school dance teams; all performed in a two hour long dance show.

The show consisted of many theatrical, contemporary, jazz, and hip hop dance numbers that helped portray the art of dancing and the beauty that a program can bring. The show was set to help raise awareness of dance, and raise money for the dance teams in the future.

“It was fun and enjoyable,” sophomore Lola Jobi said. “It was cool being able to dance to my fullest and dance with the friends that I’ve made here.”

The dance team and accompanied classes worked long and hard to prepare for their spring showcase.

“We revamped older dances and worked on new ones,” junior and guardians captain Amanda Maglich said. “We started around the beginning of March specifically focusing on spring show.”

The dancers put their hearts out for the show, and encouraged all week long for the support of fellow Grizzlies. Many showed up to express their support for the hard work the Dancers had laid out.

“My favorite part of the project were the practices,” sophomore Samantha Lehner said. “We would goof off, and I would of course do this again. We truly grew closer as a team.”