Final football victory

On Nov. 10, our football team competed against the Austin Lanier Vikings at Gupton Stadium to end off the second football season.

Since early summer, the football team has met at school to push themselves to their limits every day in order to become great football players. The team has played in the cold, stifling heat and many other different conditions to be where they are today. All of the team’s dedication has paid off, as our Varsity team won recently with a score of 61 to 20.

“The whole season went great— we just need to learn from our mistakes,” freshman and football player Logan Shaw said. “I’d like to recognize Aiden Pineda because he was working hard out on the field and was always trying his best.”

Our football program is still young. So far, our football team has made a name for itself. Not only is the student body proud of the success our growing football program has made, but the coaches are as well.

“For a second year program, they did very well and exceeded expectations,” assistant varsity coach Alberto Guzman said. “We beat teams that have been historically strong. The future is definitely very promising. Keep working and keep trusting the process. You may not think that what we’re doing matters, but when we get to that point, you’re going to realize that it’s important.”