March to Excellence

Tom Glenn High School Marching band participated in Bands of America: Austin at Kelly Reeves Stadium last Saturday afternoon.

Bands of America is a marching competition where multiple bands across Texas come and reveal the routine they’ve been dedicating their time to for two-three months. To gain a spot in the finales, multiple hours of refining your routine and push for excellence is essential.

“From a show concept, we didn’t adjust because we were small or young,” band director Kim Shuttlesworth said. “We just played to our strengths that we have right now.”

This year, Tom Glenn High School’s band has doubled in size. Their current show concept: Geometric Sound, based on soundwaves coming to life in 3D and shape. This is a major change from their beginning march from last year.

“That’s a huge part of designing, even for a big band and when we come out and look the way we look we’re showing them that just because it’s the beginning it doesn’t mean that it has to feel like the beginning,” Shuttlesworth said.

Developing further styles of marching and visual effect, the Marching Band has been pushing themselves to excellence.

“We are a new band,” freshman and French Horn player Isabel Stokes said. “We’re still being developed. Coming in as a new school and competing helps us learn new things about our band and gain new experiences.”