Insight on Grizzly clubs

With all of the sporting events and the first sixth weeks coming up, not all students have had a chance to be introduced to the clubs around school.

Debate is both a class and club for every student who has a passion for speaking their voice on topics that they feel needs to be addressed. Debate is offered to every student. If you aren’t able take the class, debate meets every Tuesday in the orange wings after school. The debate team participates in many UIL events throughout the school year– going to different schools like Liberty Hill High School and Burnett High School.

“I love it; especially when you have the right teacher to guide you. It’s incredibly fun and educational,” Junior Gracia Mancilla said. “You learn many skills that can be applied for the rest of your life in multiple areas of anything you do. Mrs.Thayer teaches them so gracefully.”



Whenever someone says the words “science” and “club” together, most would think of boring science equations and conversations about organisms. In reality, the science club does volunteer work and fun science experiments. Over the summer, members of the club volunteered at Headstart Elementary, doing things like helping teachers prepare their classrooms for their students, cleaning and organizing.

“I love science club because there’s a lot of people I don’t really see during school,” sophomore Jordan Lichtner said. “I get to see them at meetings and when we do activities. It’s honestly my favorite thing about being in the club.”



The Great Grizzlies is a new club founded by, Junior Briana Ramsey and Olivia Langdon. It was created to blur the line from the SPED students and the general education. The club was created last year and had about 10-20 members. Currently the club is hoping to expand this year with the new incoming freshman class, of course hoping for more sophomore and juniors as well.

“We do several activities with the SPED kids, from cooking and fellowship to helping them with their homework and playing games, or just enjoying each other’s company,” Ramsey said. “We hope to grow even more as the years go on. We’re working especially hard this year to promote membership.”



Members of Anime Club meet every Friday in the Mac during CAVE where they can meet new people and participate in Anime related activities. Club President Valerie Nix encourages people to join her slowly growing crew.

The clubs main focus is to review and talk about a specific anime or manga they have read or watched, and talk about the meaning or effect it had on them. Sharing those thoughts and feelings is what bring them together.

It’s just a hang out where we watch anime and talk about manga,” Nix said. “I have a couple ideas for the future of the club. We would like to dress up and go cosplaying. My main goal would be to go to an actual convention. The main purpose of my club is to bring people with common interests together.

Students who are looking for a non-commitment based club should consider joining Anime Club because you don’t have to attend every meeting and it’s an optional, relaxing, safe place. The clubs purpose is to bring in new people to the world of anime and to bring people together.

I am hoping the club will improve and grow,” Nix said. “ We didn’t have a whole lot of people this year. There were more freshmen who are sophomores now and don’t have a whole lot of time to go. I’m hoping to introduce more people to the culture.”