Q&A: Principal Arturo Lomeli reflects on first day of school

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How do you think the first day of school went?

I thought this year’s kickoff was awesome. It felt like everybody knew what to expect. Last year it was kind of scary for everybody. It was nice to see, especially our Sophomores and Juniors being like, ‘Okay, we know what to expect. We know how things work.’ I think that helps our new staff transition well and it helps our new students transition really well.

How do you feel about the incoming Freshman?

I think they’ve come in with a lot of school spirit and a willingness to try new things and excitement. It’s pretty cool because one of the things I was worried about last year was this feeling of ‘Oh my gosh… for all my life I’ve been thinking about being a Lion or a Raider’ and now they’ve been seeing the great work that our students did last year so there was this positive vibe from them. They had the opportunity to transfer, but they didn’t. These are the kids that are coming to us because they want to be here.

How do you think Glenn is similar to last year?

I think our values have been established. The GRIT+3 has really stuck. There are things that have stuck and things that haven’t, but that GRIT+3, that’s who we are. I feel like in year two, that’s just going deeper, and everybody is able to talk about that and know what that means. It means something.

How do you think Glenn is different?

We’re bigger. You can feel it in the lunches, you can feel it in the passing periods, you can feel it in class sizes. We’re just bigger and it’s gonna feel different this year and next year it’s gonna feel different. The lunch lines, and supervision, and where people are in hallways and those types of things. That’s the biggest difference is that you can feel. You see it in sporting events, and the number of students in fine arts. We’ve almost doubled.

What is something we accomplished last year that is continuing on this year?

I think that +3 mindset. Last year we had students honored for exhibiting +3 attitude and behaviors. Plus three awards were given out by teachers and by teams. I think that’s been a huge carryover that I’m excited to see.

What do you think is something that we still need to work on?

To continue maturing. We don’t have seniors to tell us what senior year is supposed to look like, or what prom is supposed to feel like. I think we’re asking a lot of our Sophomores and Juniors to mentor and guide our Freshman. I think it’s easier to do when you’ve been mentored. (Sophomores and Juniors) are having to figure that out on your own. I think students are learning how to become Juniors and Seniors without having had Juniors and Seniors.

How would you explain the culture here at Glenn?

I think we’re becoming a strong community, like a strong family. I think it means something to be a grizzly. I think we are very supportive of all the activities, whether it be theater, dance, football or robotics, I think everybody genuinely wants to see everybody else be successful and excel. I think we celebrate one another and are proud of one another because we have a family bond. We opened this building and we are trying to make this great.

What would you say has impacted that culture?

I just think the struggle of ups and downs in a school year. We’re not perfect and last year was not perfect. There were highs and there were lows but we made it through together.

What is something you’re looking forward to this year?

Seeing everybody take that next step. Having colleges and universities here for information sessions, students applying for scholarships, grants, and being recognized . These things helps build that maturity. I’m looking forward to seeing that maturity develop in our students.