Music Reviews: Music lovers rave over new releases

BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, has recently made its comeback with their new album “Her”. DNA, being their title song, has made record views by hitting 10 million views within eight hours of the release, then reaching the top 10 Debut on the Billboard 200 on album sales.

The song DNA was released September 18 within the morning and was the set release of an entire album.

DNA involved all seven members of the South Korean boy group who took stage on a comeback show the night of the release, performing all the upbeat songs and previous iconic songs in already existing albums, like “FIRE” of the the final trilogy of “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life”.

“Her” was the start of a new era. The concept was a fresh start to their music and backstory, adding some love for themselves. This would also introduce a new logo for both the Idol group and the fans called “ARMY.”

Their previous albums had meanings that would lead to a now future. The “Her” album was the mark for a new start, and new record making history on the charts.

Overall the outcome of this new album was wonderful, those who listen to BTS have given great responses about the album’s music until the next comeback.


Wintertime is a soundcloud rapper from Florida who produced an album titled “Wintertime,” and an EP named “I Know What You Did Last Winter.”

Wintertime is not the music you listen to so you can understand the meaning of life. If you’re ever bored and need chill music to enjoy yourself to, Wintertime is an artist you should listen to.

I love songs that are set in the minor scale. It sounds mysterious and gives you that roiling feeling in your gut. Wintertime’s music is exactly like that. It makes time slow down, and all you can think about is the song. Usually, his music consists of low tones. It uses simple cool beats that don’t make listening to it a chore.

If you’re interested in listening to Wintertime, Cold at Night is one of my favorite songs from his most recent album. It’s so catchy and the contrast between the high tones and Wintertime’s low voice is amazing.

Wintertime’s EP “I Know What You Did Last Winter” is more relaxed compared to “Wintertime.” His EP has makes me want to just lay in bed all day and listen to it. Listening to the songs on his album makes me want to move around and sway to it, which I enjoy more than just slow-paced songs.