Debate team hosts first talent show


The Debate Team has produced the school’s first annual Talent Show, which took place on Friday, May 26.


The Talent Show ran from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the auditorium, and included acts from students who chose to display their many gifts and abilities. It also had some wild antics from the hosts: Josh Buie and Shelby Sargent.


“(The Debate Team) was really supportive,” Debate Team manager Jacquetta Thayer said. “They came to CAVE and helped people who were auditioning, worked on it during our Tuesday meetings in the MAC after school and came up with ideas as to how we were going to produce it.”

The Talent Show was free to audition, but required a fee to enter.


“The Debate Team was chosen because nobody else was gonna do it,” Sophomore and president of the Debate Team Josh Buie said. “Ms. Thayer was like, ‘hey, let’s do a Talent Show. That’ll be really good and maybe get some publicity or make some money,’ It’s basically like a win-win for everybody.”

The show had a wide variety of acts, such as singing and comedy.


“During auditions, I looked for someone who could get their performance in with one person there,” Thayer said. “Also, someone who felt the need to try things and do something new that they hadn’t done before.”


The winner received a custom-made trophy from the Debate Team, as well as school-wide recognition.


“I think there were a few that were funny and made the audience have a good time,” Thayer said. “Then there were a couple of really solid performances where I was like, ‘wow. Blow me away.’”