8 things you didn’t know about Softball

8 things you didnt know about Softball

Heavenlee Walker, Staff Reporter

1. Although softball and baseball are similar, they have difference, including field size and much more.
“The ball is bigger for sure,” freshman Sophia Escobedo said. “Baseball players have stronger arms so their throws are probably stronger than ours, but it’s mostly the same sport, just a different ball.”

2. Softball is often an underestimated sport.
“One thing that’s hard about softball is communicating,” freshman Tatiana Johnson said. “Things like calling plays in infield and making sure your pitcher knows you have their back and making sure the outfield knows what they’re doing can be hard. I think people think softball is easier than it is.”

3. Pitcher is a difficult position to play.
“It’s difficult to be pitcher because there’s a lot of pressure on you,” freshman Hailey Arrington said. “It’s a challenge to not get all of the defense behind you.”

4. The softball players practice every day.
“Every practice we hit,” Arrington said. “Then we have base runners then we do situational defense. It gets us ready for games by preparing us for situations.”

5. At every home game, our softball team does a chant beforehand to help prepare, unite, and excite the players for the game.
“For home games, we have a little chant we’ll do at home plate or first base depending on where the umpires are,” freshman Makaila Miller said. “It really helps us come together as a team. We repeat it a few more times.”

6. The team says a prayer before every away game.
“It makes us have faith in ourselves,” Escobedo said. “It encourages us to put in as much effort as we can.”

7. The team loves Coach Guzman.
“We all love her,” Escobedo said. “She’s really funny and we love the fact that we’re like her ‘children’.”

8. The team is very close.
“We always hang out together and we are constantly talking to each other,” freshman Jolene Weaver said. “We just feel comfortable with each other.”