Student Spotlight: Sophomore Noah Jones found a passion for MMA


Sophomore Noah Jones began practicing Mixed Martial Arts for almost three years at Vortex Martial Arts.

In the beginning of Jones’s MMA path it was never about the fighting nor was it the desire to just participate for fun. Jones was bullied by other kids for walking on his toes, a condition he can’t control. Kids said it was girly.

“I was getting beat up by some kids and it went on for about five years,” Jones said. “Eventually I got sick of it so, I joined for self-defense.”

Mixed Martial Arts is extreme fighting rather than the self-defense that is taught in typical Martial Arts. People often can get MMA and Martial Arts confused or think they’re the same, he said.

“MMA is more modern,” Jones said. “It doesn’t have the traditional stances used in other martial arts, it is also more loose.”

Jones has quite a busy life, balancing school and MMA. He practices three to four times a week not to mention the training he does when he’s not at the dojo.

“I train in my dojo for two to three hours every time I go,” Jones said. “And around 30 minutes a day at home.”

He is a side teacher, helping new students that join the dojo because before he can become a full instructor he has to help the new students. What started out as a need for self-defense from others, soon turned into a passion that Jones wants to carry on. He will compete against others this January.

“I plan to keep doing this for as long as I physically can,” Jones said. “But I’ll be taking two years off for a mission trip with my church.”