Biology students dissect rats in December


Biology classes dissected rats in December to learn more about its system and structure.

“When we did the dissection we looked at many different parts of the rat,” freshman Jaclyn  Benavides said. “It wasn’t half bad but to the other students in the class it seemed triggering to them.”

The students used the available materials, instructions and diagrams, to locate the structures that were similar to a human’s.

“Honestly I felt irritated when our teacher told us we had to dissect a rat,” freshman Nicholas Madix said. “If we didn’t have a proper reason to opt out of it we would still have to do it.”

This was a learning experience. Other students were encouraged to discuss and observe other students rats.

“Although some of the others in the class didn’t like the dissection I thought it was actually pretty fun,” freshman Joseph Castillo said. “I did actually learn more about human body systems even though I felt a little bad for the rat.”