Students to travel to Europe in 2018

Through EF Tours, several GHS students and faculty will go on a 12 day trip from July 10 through July 21 in 2018 to Europe.

The cities include London, Paris, Florence, Rome and a boat cruise around Capri. Students and teachers will get to see sights like the London Eye, Shakespeare’s Globe, the Eiffel Tower and the Colosseum.

“I’m excited for the boat cruise around Capri because I’ll get to see the marine life,” sophomore Coral Hanks said. “There is a pretty beach, clear waters and cool looking buildings.”

Students going like sophomore Emily Jones have never been out of the country before, only out of the state.

“I’ve never been on a plane, so that will be interesting,” Jones said. “It’s a long plane ride, 10 hours.”

The trip costs $4,799. Raising money is mostly student and parent based. Babysitting and candy sales were very popular at other schools doing trips similar to Glenn.

“I will get a summer job,” Jones said. “And I’ll ask for money in place of holiday presents.”

By going on this trip the students will learn about the history of different places and learn more about themselves as people.

“A lot of things you learn from history,” Tanzer said. “The biggest thing is what you find out about yourself. There is a confidence, a lot of responsibility and free time when you’re out there.”

Other schools in the district do non-school sponsored trips like this through the traveling agency EF Educational Tours. Teachers like Tanzer have already gone on trips with their previous schossl. Europe was chosen because the faculty going liked the cities and they were cities that students would recognize from their history class.

“I love to travel,” Tanzer said. “I went to Ireland last year and the relationships I built with students and how excited they were, it was like a fever. Before I left Ireland I knew I wanted to do it at Glenn.”