Winter guard to start first season, perform


Victoria Frels

The Color Guard practices their routine in preparation for the Area Band competition.

The Glenn color guard will perform a winter show and may compete in the Winter Guard program.

Winter Guard is an indoor guard competition derived from Military ceremonies.

The team consists of four members. The team has shown much determination to pull through the program, together. The guard has their first show on Dec. 8.

“I think our show is going to be really cute,” captain Morgan Bonvillian said. “There is a lot of cute little dance moments, it’s going to show that color guard is something that anyone can be a part of if they want to work for it.”

The team will be performing a routine to the well known, Christmas classic: Carol of the bells, covered by the Trans Siberian Orchestra.

“I’m excited that we can choose our own music and costume for our show,” freshman Lillian Castillo said.

The guard performed with the Marching Band during marching season, but performs separately in the winter.

“As a program, we’re going to grow,” Bonvillian said. “We’re going to see who have some greater strengths and greater weaknesses.”

The guard team is encouraging more and more people to join the program to portray an even bigger performances within the upcoming seasons.

“I’m definitely convinced more band members will start joining color guard so we will become much bigger,” Castillo said.

Color Guard incorporates dance, music and flag work into every show. Tosses, spins and other intricate work.

“My favorite aspect of color guard is having fun,” freshman Lilly Tremblay said. “We get to do stuff other people can’t do.”