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The follow-up album dropped 21 days after “WE DON’T TRUST YOU”
John Romeo
The follow-up album to “WE DON’T TRUST YOU” was released April 12.

This is the second collaborative album release followed by their first titled “WE DON’T TRUST YOU.” The album was released on April 12, only 21 days after the first one was released on March 22. What mainly sets both albums apart is how they decided to split this album into two discs, the first being primarily R&B and the second being going back to trap and hip hop. 


Metro Boomin is a record producer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Since arriving there in 2011 he has worked with artists such as 21 Savage, Young Thug, Gucci Mane, Migos, and Future. He created a list of successful singles for music artists all across 2016. He has been praised for his heavy production style and is one of the most influential hip-hop and trap producers.


Future is a rapper and singer also based out of Atlanta, Georgia. He’s known for his mumbled vocals and auto-tuned vocals on trap beats, most notably made by Metro Boomin. He’s been going platinum since 2014 after the release of his first two albums “Pluto” and “Honest.” Ever since he’s been regarded as one of the most successful rappers of his time.


We Still Don’t Trust You (Feat. The Weeknd): This song put on a synth beat with light drums, including airy and echoed vocals from The Weeknd, and clear repetition of “She’s such a freak” and “We still don’t trust you” from Future. The song is about how they get girls’ attention with their performances. This intro shows what to expect going into this album, synth instrumentals and airy vocals, a very relaxed diss compared to the previous album.


Drink N Dance: This introduces guitars while having a dynamic of fast-paced drums and slowing it down towards the end while retaining the same airy and light vocals. The song is about a lack of trust with the women they surround themselves with and talking about their lavish lifestyles.


Out of My Hands: Continuing the rich talk, Future talks about how no one can touch him and how he has bodies upon bodies of women that have come and gone in his life. The production has a similar feeling as the previous song.


Jealous: In this track, Future expresses his feelings on his partner about jealousy and feeling vulnerable to her. He shows insecurities about him not being treated how he wants, and how complex his relationship with his partner really is. The song is upbeat with high pitched and dragged out synth chords being the main focus.


This Sunday: Future goes back in the past for this track, having similar production to his 2017 release “Hallucinating” and could’ve been an early demo as this track was recorded nearly a decade ago on February 23rd, 2015. Future could’ve been referencing to his paired track with Drake on the chorus. The song is about three things, money, women and drugs.


Luv Bad B*****: Metro samples Brownstone’s “If you love me” as a base muffled in the back complimenting the track with drums. The song is about him liking good girls but none of them comparing to his love for bad b***** as he repeats throughout the chorus.


Amazing (Interlude): Originally leaked in 2017 and recorded in Kanye West’s house, this track talks about everything Future thinks is amazing about a girl. Ginuwine and Gucci Mane have a slight feature at the end on this cloud beat with high pitched jingles and heavy drums.


All To Myself (Feat. The Weeknd): Future shows his appreciation while nearly breaking into a cry while talking about his partner on the track. The Weeknd continues this by promising he’ll always have their back. The song’s production is unique in the way it has hip-hop beats and a guitar solo in the background.


Nights Like This: In this track Future talks about his desire for his partner, he’s able to grant her every wish and how no one compares to her even when it gets difficult between them. The production on the track is very fast paced still having elements of trap soul.


Came To The Party: Future goes back into the usual topic of leading an extravagant and luxurious lifestyle. In the chorus, he shows that he attends parties mainly just for publicity and social media attention. The track has similar production to the previous songs on the album.


Right 4 You: Future’s in love with a girl who he claims he’ll even “get right” for her, and staying that way. This song features unusual production choices for Metro Boomin, such as an EDM/house progression with cinematic drum beats throughout the song.


Mile High Memories: The song is about popping pills while flying across France. Metro uses the same beat from the song “High Demand” by Lil Durk & Metro Boomin, on the Lil Durk & Metro Boomin collab album “No Auto Durk,” which was leaked in October of 2020.


Overload: Metro switches up the production again, now bringing in piano keys while still having synth beats. Future talks about overloading everything in life including drugs, dopamine and ego’s.


Gracious: Ty Dolla $ign and Future collab again since 2020 on their track, “Lift Me Up”. Future describes getting out of the street life for this faithful woman who he compliments all throughout the track. The production again includes synth elements and guitar samples along with a background of a vocalizing woman.


Beat it: Future lets everyone know that he was in this game before the newcomers and explains to his partner that he cannot give her too much love or else she’ll turn her back on him. This song is unique as it still has synth elements, while bringing in a vocalizing woman and guitar samples, fast-paced drums making the song more upbeat.


Always Be My Fault (Feat. The Weeknd): Future talks about conversing with a woman while intoxicated, spoiling her with riches, and still having trust issues. The production is similar to that of The Weeknd’s. Light drums, synth chords, and The Weeknd’s airy vocals fill the track.


One Big Family: Future talks about his lavish lifestyle, in which he has many partners and treats them as one big family. The song keeps it upbeat and Future raps fast-paced throughout the entire track.


Red Leather (Feat. J. Cole):  This marks the first collaboration between Future and J.Cole. However, the feature from J. Cole on this song created a lot of confusion and surprise due to a reignited ongoing beef (started with Kendrick Lamar’s feature on “Like That”). Later,  J. Cole apologized to Lamar at the Dreamville Festival in North Carolina. Many people on social media said he had switched sides because of this track.


#1 (Intro): The second disc opens up with Charlamagne Tha God speaking on “the big three” situation including, Drake, Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole. Charlemagne argues that an inclusion of Future would be a “Fantastic Four”. The intro’s underlying beat leads into the next song.


Nobody Knows My Struggle: Originally leaked April 28, 2020, this track was said to be recorded while Future was working on the DS2 album. This disc switches up the beat, returning to the tempo of “WE DON’T TRUST YOU.” Future goes back and forth between his first verse, slowing it down in the second. The beat still has the synth elements from the previous disc, while keeping track going with hi-hats and electronic drums, allowing it to flow in the next track.


All My Life (Lil Baby): Future talks about life on the border of the law, conflicts with the law, but also about their success, pride and aspirations. Both Future and Lil Baby have each other’s back convincing those, despite difficulties, it is worth it to chase your goals and fulfill your dreams.


Crossed Out: The beat introduces some different synth elements, having similar hi-hats and slower-tempo drums. Future talks about having no trust for the women he surrounds himself with and is willing to cut them out if they do not trust him. 


Crazy Clientele: Future talks about his abilities in the narcotics business, and how he’s been in the game long enough to consider himself king. Continuing to feed his client’s addictions and dealing with the attention of junkies and the police.The beat is slower than the previous tracks, keeping the synths and drums while bringing in some orchestra elements.


Show Of Hands (A$AP Rocky): The beat has a light guitar and deep drums, while including verses from A$AP as him and Future have collaborated since 2016 on Metro Boomin’s soundtrack for “Spiderman: Across the Spider-Verse,” on tracks “Am I Dreaming” and “Nonviolent Communication.”


Streets Made Me A King: This is the closing track of the album. Future gets touchy about his personal experiences and how his tough come-up made him a king, while still indulging in his money. Metro offers a slower, introspective trap beat, similar to the last track of their first collaborative project in the bonus track ‘Where My Twin @’.


I like some of the R&B songs on the first track as they are very well produced by Metro Boomin, but others don’t hit as well and feel lackluster because they get repetitive. This seems to be a common theme with this album; it doesn’t change too much, especially in the second disc where the topics are the same and the beat barely changes for three songs. Personally, the album feels rushed and could’ve been good if it had more time. Personally, I would rate this album 5 out of 10 stars.