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Opinion: “WE DON’T TRUST YOU” Review

“WE DON’T TRUST YOU,” a collaborative studio album between Future and record producer Metro Boomin was released March 22, 2024.

The long-awaited collaboration album “We Don’t Trust You” between producer Metro Boomin and rapper Future came out March 22, 2024. This album has been teased and talked about for months and people, including myself, have been waiting for the day for it to drop since first hearing of it. Every time Future and Metro collab it is always a hit, so the excitement was quite a lot.


This was the first installment of a two part album, the second being “WE STILL DON’T TRUST YOU,” going on a more R&B style album instead of rap like the first part did. The album leans less into seeing how hype Metro can make a beat and more into how good he could make it.


We Don’t Trust You – The song opens up with a melodic keyboard before introducing a trumpet and bass. It’s catchy and the beat is as expected to be; extremely good. The song repeats the title, “We don’t trust you” implying he doesn’t like the fake people around him, specifically Drake. While Future’s rapping in this is nothing special for him, it is good comparatively to other things out right now.


Young Metro Feat. The Weekend – Future’s rapping really carries the song. His flow combined with the lyrics and then The Weeknd jumping in with the vocals really pulls the song together. The beat turns into this melodic style beat when The Weeknd comes in, making it feel all the more like you’re floating. This song reminds me a lot of one of Metro’s old albums “Heroes and Villains.” Overall this song is pretty good, but does feel a little empty at the end as the lyrics randomly pause and don’t last long enough so there are just parts of the beat with no words, making it feel like there should be more to add or that it is an unfinished song.


Ice Attack – The song starts with a catchy beat that is reminiscent of back when Future and Metro were first collabing. However, there is then a beat switch toward the middle which kind of changes the whole mood of the song, almost sounding like a different track entirely. This second part of the song is just talking about money and how rich the two are with lines such as “Look on Google, I’m getting richer.” I like this song, however it is not my favorite.


Type S*** Feat. Travis Scott and Playboi Carti – As in typical Metro fashion, I didn’t even realize it was a new song because the beat switch was so clean. This is one of my favorite songs off the album, between Future’s flow and the Metro’s beat. The blending of the two being perfect in every situation of this song it is hard to compete with. Travis Scott doesn’t rap much in this song but in the same way he did on his “Utopia” album, it makes it feel like you’re floating. The beat then introduces Playboi Carti. I’m not the biggest fan of Carti, but he sounds good and actually fits in well. This song is one of my favorites from the album.


Claustrophobic – This song is just talking about money again, flexing and saying how Future wants to buy a bigger mansion and a bigger Maybach, which is an expensive car as is. The beat and flow is pretty typical for both and is nothing crazy. I do like this song, but there’s just not much to say about it as it’s a little boring.


Like That Feat. Kendrick Lamar – The beat on this song is insane and one of the best beats I’ve ever heard. The mixing is crazy and the sampling is wild too; there are just no flaws with the beat. The way Future comes in immediately with no build up too is crazy and this song in general is extremely good even without the Kendrick verse. The chorus says a few lines and then ends with “Is you like that?” and just sounds so good. There has been a bit of a public beef between Kendrick Lamar, Drake and J. Cole and in this song, Kendrick goes for the both of them. The flow of Kendrick mixed with his lyrics is so good, Kendrick says things such as “F- sneak dissin’, first person shooter” which is a song Drake and J. Cole collabed on and did sneak diss Kendrick on. The best line in the entire song is when Kendrick says “‘for all your dogs gettin’ buried, That’s a K with all these 9’s, he gon’ see Pet Sematary” referencing Drake’s album title “For All The Dogs.” Overall this song is by far the greatest on the album and maybe even out this year. This song is actually insane to hear.


Slimed In – This song is again nothing too crazy and just consists of Future talking about his women being “slimed in” and having trust in them. I’m not sure what else there is to say on this song, it’s a little repetitive and that’s about it.


Magic Don Juan (Princess Diana) – This is another one of my personal favorite songs of the album. The beat is different from what Metro usually does and sounds like he uses the 

“Goosebumps” intro as a sample (he doesn’t, however it sounds similar). The beat carries this song in the first half until the beat switches and Future really goes in on it. The flow and beat are so good, and while the lyrics don’t talk about anything special, for this song it’s not about the lyrics but more about the vocals and beat itself. 


Cinderella Feat. Travis Scott – I like this song a lot because of the flow and Travis being in it. It’s not super fast paced or upbeat but it still has a good feel to it. There’s not much else, the lyrics are nothing special, however the beat and flow is good but not too crazy. Overall it’s just a pretty chill song.


Runnin’ Out Of Time – The only thing I like about this song is the beat; however even the beat feels a little mediocre, like both artists are playing it safe. The song also doesn’t fit super well with the album either, as it’s Future talking to a specific woman saying he has a hard time trusting and they’re running out of time to make it work.


Fried (She A Vibe) – All this song is talking about is how Future is under the influence of a specific plant. It’s the stereotypical rap song, talking about money, women and drugs. The beat is pretty good and I like how Metro is experimenting with new sounds and seeing what works with what and how people will respond to these new beats. It’s not a song I would listen to, but it’s not terrible.


Ain’t No Love – I like the instrumentals and beat of this song. It’s very calming but also doesn’t put you to sleep. Future’s flow mixed with the lyrics are extremely good and get you hype in a way. Overall this song is pretty good and will be added to my playlist.


Everyday Hustle Feat. Rick Ross – The sampling and choir feel of this song is very well produced, as expected with Metro. The lyrics and vocals are good, but nothing special for Future. When Rick Ross comes in the beat doesn’t change much, if any. However, the vocals are pretty decent. While it’s not my favorite song off of the album, it’s not horrendous. 


GTA – I really like the beat of this and it reminds me a lot of 2010s Future when he made songs like “Mask Off for example, which is a very popular song and one of his most streamed songs of all time. Overall this song is decent, but not my favorite.


Seen It All – This beat is way different from what I’m used to hearing from Metro, and it reminds me of a beat Lil Wayne might’ve used. Future’s flow in this song is a little offbeat and doesn’t feel like it fits, as well as the voice distortion randomly in the middle of it doesn’t make sense. Future also just talks about a bunch of the typical rap song things with women and promiscuous things. This song is alright, but not one I’m going to willingly listen to again.


WTFYM –  I really like the style Future decided to go with when he is singing at the start, then jumps into a really nice flow. The beat isn’t anything super crazy, but it compliments Future very well. The rhyming and delivery of the vocals is extremely satisfying to listen to, and I also really like this chorus. This is one of my favorites off of the album.


Where My Twin @ (BONUS) – I like the flow and delivery from Future, however, it doesn’t feel like the beat matches what Future was going for or vice versa. The beat is really slow comparatively and has a kind of lo-fi trap feel to it, which is not a good combo. This song is just mediocre and could’ve been better.


Overall, the album was really satisfying to listen to. It was definitely worth the wait and the hype surrounding its release. Of course a few songs were misses, but that is often the case even with the best artists, and those songs get canceled out by the other hits on the list. Because of the strong experimental feel on some songs and then playing it safe on others, I would rate this album 4 out of 5 stars overall.