Concluding Homecoming Week

Zahara Julien, Reporter

On October 5th, Glenn celebrated its HOCO parade. With Glenn’s community continuing to take form, the freshmen have brought a new light to school spirit. Vibrant floats drove around Collaborative Way. Familiar faces such as Glenn pals, Theater, the sports teams, Choir and some of our favorite coterie clubs and organizations. 

The float was a very slay moment for us, it was very exhilarating that we won!” Juniors Lexi Lambrecht, and Cassie Ewald said of their Jumanji float for theater. 

Winners were Freshmen Dawn Teske and Brutus Rico, Sophomores Audrey Valdez and Chance Newton and Juniors  Kaylan Funk and Maverick Irvine. At Friday’s homecoming game, it was announced that Seniors Jocelyn Cantù and Mason Johnson won homecoming queen and king.

The people of Glenn collectively voiced that they believed this year’s homecoming was better to them than the last. Reine McDonald, a previous student at Glenn, came back to back to visit homecoming this year.

“Even though I thought it was boring, it was way more fun than last year, in all honesty,” sophomore Reine McDonald said.

With Glenn being only 7 years old, it has taken some time for the spirit to really build. School spirit is being a part of a team, taking pride in your community and its integrity. Glenn has really been making that premise strong with the Grizpit crew, which encourages the responsibility of students in all aspects of school, including sports. 

“If the heart isn’t there, then neither is the spirit,” sophomore Reine McDonald said.