Glenn Marching Band Makes History

GHS Marching Band Places Third at Vista Ridge Marching Competition

Glenn High School Marching Band, receives 5A Class Champions, along with outstanding visual and general effect. “We have improved from our previous shows, and there’s a lot more room for us to grow as an ensemble,” senior Ariana Pursley, the section leader of the flutes at Glenn, said. “We have definitely advanced rapidly in such a short amount of time, so I’m very excited for the future of our band.”














The announcer declared Glenn High School as a finalist competitor. “At that moment, I had felt that those extensive hours of rehearsal were all finally worth it. We all just wanted to jump and scream our hearts out,” sophomore Favor Erukanure, Bass Clarinet player, said. “It was a very rewarding feeling, and we can only get so much better moving on forward.”











A common tradition for the Glenn High School Band is to interlock pinkies for good luck during competitions. It provides the students a sense of hope and reassurance. “Anticipating a result is the most difficult thing we’ll probably ever do.” Kiera Teal, sophomore trombone player, said. “You never know what you’ll get, but it all depends if we all put in the work, and perform with the same energy.” 













Drum Major Kaiana Entrekin and Nathan Granados, moments after the Glenn Band received their 5A Class Champions award, along with the ‘Outstanding General Effect,” and “Outstanding Visual,’ trophies. “It’s more of being able to use them like a springboard for the next thing. They’re great checkpoints that ensure that we’ve achieved something on that specific day or weekend, but it helps us set our goals and our sights higher,” Zackary Travis, our new assistant band director at Glenn High School, said. “They’re honestly just pieces of plastic. What those trophies mean to me, is that we were able to have a great run and to see this amount of improvement over the entire week.”











The Drum Major retreat at Vista Ridge, Gupton Stadium, combining twenty-four bands across Texas. “I feel like throughout the years, it’s been easier to communicate with students and help them improve,” Kaitlyn Richey, senior woodwind captain, said. “The band has been more determined to get better at what they do, whereas in the past they’ve just been comfortable with being average, instead of trying to get better. This is what brought us to this moment, and I couldn’t be more proud of us.”