Kylie Remakel


Sophia Pham

Last year, virtual school was not an ideal option for a lot of people; some people. like junior Kylie Remakel, just need to be in-person and hands-on to grasp a new subject. 

“I feel like being back in-person has given me way more opportunities than last year, especially when it comes to my classes. If I was struggling with a topic, it would be so hard to try to learn it because learning over the computer is just not the same. Going to tutorials on Zoom seemed pointless, but now that we’re back in-person, I’m actually forced to pay attention in class and get my work done, which I know is good for me in the long run.”

Remakel found it hard to focus during school last year, just being at home or in her living room listening to her teacher lecture, but at school, she knows she’s there for a specific reason, and it holds her accountable to go to class.

“It was hard to separate schoolwork from homework when it was all from home, but being on campus, I can find my groove when I’m in class. It’s definitely a big change going back to regular school, but it’s better for me, and a lot of other people, I’m sure.”