Rona Article with Owen

Lauren Dela Fuente, Newswriter

Throughout these uncertain times, people have had to learn to adjust to a new lifestyle, also
known as ‘The New Normal’. This can cause people, such as students or teachers to constantly
adjust their everyday lives.

I had asked Rebecca Owen, an assistant principal at Glenn how they were going about COVID.

“Glenn has set procedures in place, such as one way hallways, constant wearing of masks, and
placing dots at lunch to help space people out as much as possible,: ” Owens said. “With that,
could come the worry of students not wanting to corporate. However, even the grumpiest kids
have done such a good job at following the rules.”

When learning to adjust to facing the unknown, it could cause a lot of frustration.

. “People were nervous about coming back to school and were unsure as to what it would look
like,” Owens said. “ However, the staff wants to make teachers as comfortable as possible, such
as providing a safety area and letting teachers have their own room this year; which is new to some teachers at Glenn”

The past six months have brought along a lot of questions that are sometimes answered
immediately, while others come with time. The priority when reopening the school for the
2020-2021 school year, the staff and students of Glenn knew this time would be uncertain,but
they would all be going through this together.

“With the opening of Glenn, we have been receiving a lot of support from parents who say
thank you and appreciate what we are doing,” Owens said. “Even the district was very
supportive and always tried their best to get answers as quickly as possible.”

With the start of a new school year, comes new students. This year, our school gets to add a new
for this school year too, which is another obstacle on top of ones already here.

“This year has to stink for freshman and seniors with no homecoming, and senior night for sports
is different,” Owens said. “Especially with football games this year. There is typically a student
section, and I feel as if freshmen will not get that same experience, even with events such as pep
rallies. Although this year is starting out weird, I am very grateful for the staff and students that
Glenn has.”