Zachary Kulis

Zachary Kulis

Otto Recondo, Newswriter

“When I first arrived here at Glenn, I was very curious, but intimidated by the size of the building. Everything; the schedules, the lunch periods, confused me and took me off guard. I had all kinds of weird moments from then on, most notably being lost in the school.”

Of course, he eventually found his way around.

“As time went on, and I became a sophomore, I came to really understand the minute details of each wing, each room, and each teacher. Aside from that, I started learning about the stereotypes of the school, but also the good things.”

At this point, he stopped for a moment to briefly laugh. 

“And thinking back on it all now, as a senior, I’ve realized how much has changed. I know the entire school like the back of my hand. I know many people in different classes.

“It’s amazing to see that the kid from 7th grade who had just moved over, all shy and odd, has gotten this far.”