Lola Jobi


Cristina Ortiz, Staff Reporter

Every school year, seniors leave to go to college and pursue their dreams. However, some students would love to leave a legacy behind and shape the future of other students who follow in their footsteps. Senior Lola Jobi is a representation of a hardworking grizzly that is dedicated to what she loves and able to leave a long-lasting impact at this school. Jobi and her friends were the founders of the Literature club and able to win gold at FCCLA nationals.


“I  want to leave behind a positive legacy; I want people to remember that there are people who care for others and there’s still safe places in the school. For example, literature club. My friends and I created it back in Sophomore year, but then it fully flourished in Junior, and know I am a Senior, and I watched it grow and become more and more amazing every day with the lovely people in there and how everyone is so creative in their own way, and how we are able to talk to each other based off of books . . .,” Jobi said, “I worked hard by being the first ever person at Glenn to get gold at Nationals for FCCLA, whether I was recognized or not I am happy that I was the first to do something in this school where firsts can happen at anytime.