Emily Donjuan Perez

Emily Donjuan Perez

Diana Colunga, Staff Reporter

Glenn will be saying goodbye to the first freshman class to walk the halls, and saying hello to new beginnings. The freshman entering this year have a completely different experience from the ones who came before.

Glenn’s purpose is learning where you want to get in life and trying new things out. Photojournalism is a class provided for all grade levels. Freshman Emily Donjuan Perez is currently trying  photojournalism 1 out.

“Its okay, I feel like I don’t really need it.” She said “It is almost exactly like middle school, it’s not different, it’s the same.” And also “I am not sure, I’m not really thinking about the class in further experiences.” 

That is what high school is about, learning what type of activities or classes you like and don’t like or want to pursue.