Emerie Martinez

Claribelle Yao, Social Media Manager

Our school offers a variety of electives and clubs to participate in. Most students join for fun, but others also join to help prepare for their careers they want to involve themselves in as they move on from high school. Our junior grizzly, Emerie Martinez, is doing exactly that with her involvement in Future Farmers of America. As she transferred to our campus this year, she’s involving herself in showcasing her pig and bettering herself for her future in animal science. 


“ This is my third year in FFA and I participated in the quiz team freshman and sophomore year. This year, I show a pig and that takes up most of my time,” Martinez said. “I show a female Hampshire pig, which means she has a white belt of skin right between her neck and stomach. Her name is Chicharrón, which means pig skin in spanish, but I call her Chi-Chi for short. Feeding her and stuff is easy, but driving her, which is where we whip the pigs to get them to move, is pretty difficult but she’ll get used to it.”