Stop Changing Cave Schedule

Stop Changing Cave Schedule

Staff Editorial

Our school is known for having a fluctuating CAVE schedule, and there’s no difference to that pattern this year. At the beginning of this school year, our teachers announced to us that our advisory period has officially been shortened to only two days out of the week— Tuesday and Wednesday. Teachers are also being forced to have lessons in CAVE that “teach” students how to handle social responsibilities. CAVE shouldn’t be implemented in the school as it doesn’t aid the students in completing their work and it’s only for two days, which isn’t effective.


A big issue with the CAVE schedule is that it’s only for two days and not the entire week. Students already had an alternate schedule to keep up with last year, and now CAVE is adding onto that amount, making students have to memorize the times for three different schedules. There is no point in having CAVE if it’s only two days out of the week. It seems more as if CAVE was an afterthought that had to be implemented in the schedule, instead of it being treated as a period where students can receive academic help.


Not only is the scheduling of CAVE unsatisfactory, so are the lessons students are forced to listen to. On the first day of going to CAVE, the lesson was about how students should deal with their emotions. Instead of it being serious and helpful, the powerpoint used childish graphics and language. These lessons were taught in Elementary school, and it’s unacceptable that high schoolers have to listen to the same concepts again instead of doing their own work. The demographics of these lessons seem aimed at children, not teenagers.


Some might say that after the lessons are finished, students can still work on what they need help with. However, our school time shouldn’t be wasted with trivial lessons. Instead, students should be working on completing the work they need for the classes that actually matter in the grade book. Instead of having CAVE only two days a week, we should revert to our schedule from last year and treat CAVE as a homeroom you go to every day for advisory.