Volleyball Team Has New Leadership

Drake Kidd, Calendar Czar

The Glenn varsity volleyball team started their season with a new head coach and senior leaders.


The season started on Aug. 5 and began with their first scrimmage of the season. The team’s senior athletes have taken on the role of leaders as their predecessors have left a new expectation on the rest of them. The team is excited to begin their new season to the best of their abilities. 


“I thought the season was going to feel new,” junior Chloe Coffee said. “We had a new coaching staff and our seniors had left so we knew it would be new but we were excited for the change.”


The new head coach, Melissa Rich was one of the most nerve-racking and exciting factors.


“She is one of the best coaches I’ve had,” senior Ariana Perez said. “She is like a second mom to all of us.” 


Since the previous seniors had left, the team would evolve and grow with new seniors rising to the top to lead the team into the season.


“We are really good together,” senior Symphony Rojas said. “We’ve been together for years and I think work really good together on the court and off.”


The volleyball season will continue into October, the seniors on the team have mixed feelings about leaving the program that they have made their own.


“I don’t want to leave,” Rojas said. “They have been my family and I don’t want to leave them.”


In the midst of the seniors on the varsity team experiencing their last season together, many of them aspire to leave behind a legacy that they want to be passed down to the future varsity volleyball team. 


“I hope I leave a powerful stature in the program as one of the leaders,” Coffee said. “I want to provide the building blocks to make the program better and I want to be a role model for the girls coming in after I leave.”


The team has one last opportunity to come together and play on the court, but the moments and memories they’ve made with each other will last past how long they can hit a ball over a net.


“I hope the freshman can see the energy and positivity I put off,” Rojas said. “I hope they all can have a good experience in volleyball.”