Red Queen Series Final Installment

Paige Wilson, Staff Reporter

On May 15, 2018, renowned author Victoria Aveyard released the fourth and final installment of the “Red Queen Series”, “War Storm”. The book follows the story of Mare Barrow, living in a world divided by blood. Some have red, and are poor commoners, while others have silver, and live in splendor along with astounding abilities. Mare Barrow is the exception, she has both red blood and silver abilities. This book is the ending of a battle to stop the unjust and save her country. 


This book was riveting, with each chapter being from a different character’s perspective, it jumped around, while maintaining a cohesive structure and plot. The plot twists, character’s choices, and outcome are all unexpected and new, keeping me fully engaged for the entirety of the book. I was glued to this book until I finished it in just a few days. 


I would give this book a rating or 9 out of 10, solely because the ending (Spoiler Alert) wasn’t as solid as I’d have liked. It leaves it open to the reader’s interpretation of what you think the character would do. This is the only thing that brings my score down because, I admit, I am a sucker for a happy ending tied up neatly with a bow, which this just didn’t quite have. Overall, this was a fantastic book and I’d highly suggest the series to everyone.