Feline Fantasy Novel Full Of Nostalgia

“The Warrior Cats” series revolves around clans of wild cats fighting for survival. The books are written by New York Times Bestselling author Eric Hunter,  and the books come in a six-part series. The stories revolve around cats forced to survive in the wild. There are four distinct clans in which groups of cats belong in, and the regions differ as well.


Granted I haven’t read this series since 2014, but I wanted to go back and read the first book to see how well I remembered and I wanted to see if I still liked them. The first book: “Into the Wild” starts out by introducing our main protagonist Rusty, or as he will be notable named FirePaw. The story takes us from loving a sweet housecat to a fierce and courageous ThunderClan warrior. As stated before, I haven’t read the series in nearly six years but I have to say I fell in love all over again nonetheless. The story is different, exciting and creative. The diversity among the different clans is engaging and reading this again reminded me that imagination is a powerful thing, no matter how old you are.


Overall, I would definitely suggest this book or rather book series for anyone who is thrilled by fantasy and young adult fiction. These books brought on a weight of emotion that I wasn’t expecting, so the thirst for a complex story is quenched when reading these books.