Toby Keith Performs Past Music At Concert


Ashley Igau, Staff Reporter

A storm of cowboy boots and hats flooded into the HEB Center Friday Sep. 6 blanketing the bleachers and floor. Filled with anticipation as the lights went down and the band marched on stage. Slowly the lights rose and the crowd cheered as the music started and Toby Keith walked onstage for the next leg of his “That’s Country Bro” tour.


Country music fans everywhere have heard at least one of Toby Keith’s many hit songs on the radio. At 58-years-old, Keith is still producing music and touring the country playing for thousands of fans.


Keith played quite a few of his well known ‘90s-2000’s country hits including “Red Solo Cup”, “Beer for My Horses”, “Who’s Your Daddy” and “How Do You Like Me Now”. He played until almost 10p.m. when he ended his performance. But as he walked off the stage the crowd’s cheers grew louder and louder, begging for an encore. Keith walked back out on stage, granting the people another few songs.


Before Keith started his last two encore songs, he started pulling people out of the pit in front of the stage and bringing them up onstage with him. Keith, a known patriot and military supporter, was pulling current and past US soldiers onto the stage with him for his final act. As he thanked them all for their service he sang his hit song “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue” originally written and performed only for the armed forces.


To finish it all off as the red, white and blue spot lights faded Keith took a bow, again thanked the military members onstage with him and said, “If anyone ain’t being patriotic, [screw] ‘em!”


Overall I really liked the concert, Keith was engaging with all his songs and even told a few stories from his past, such as how he got where he is today. It was amazing watching all the lights shift colors to match the mood of each of his songs, and there were even people on the floor dancing to his songs, two stepping, waltzing and even just swaying along. It was fun and enjoyable and if I were given the chance, I would go again.