H-E-B scream show

“I was checking people out, as you do at H-E-B, and this lady starts screaming. She’s screaming so loud that the entire store can hear her and everyone’s turning around and looking at me and I’m looking at everyone else like ‘What is going on?’ She was screaming because a bagger of ours was attempting to scan a piece of luggage that she brought into the store that she put on the bottom of her basket, because as baggers that’s what we’re supposed to do. We’re supposed to scan whatever is on the bottom so they don’t have to get it.

So, she did not like that. She got very angry and accused our bagger of stealing, because scanning an item is the equivalent of stealing apparently. She got really mad. She walked up and down the store screaming, she went into the bathroom, screamed, came out of the bathroom, screamed, then stood outside the bathroom and screamed for a manager for five minutes until a manager came and was like ‘What is going on?’ Our manager is not someone who puts up with bulls**t. He just sat there with this face of like ‘I don’t know what this lady is talking about, but I’m going to nod my head until she stops talking.’

He had to call a higher up manager because she wanted to talk to, basically the owner of that H-E-B. Eventually they escort her out as she’s screaming. She’s screaming as they escort her out. By the way, didn’t think that this was English the entire time, someone had to tell me that she was speaking English, I thought it was just gibberish.

They escort her out, she calls the police because she thought that we were stealing her luggage that she brought into the store on her own. The police come, and my managers and the police have to have a pretty little conversation and I’m pretty sure that she got a violation, as in she can’t come back to the store and if she does she has to act civilized. Impossible for her. She’s crazy.”


Riley Naugle, H-E-B employee