Cafeteria overflow soulution: B lunch

With our school having all four classes for the first time and over 1600 students, there are bound to be issues with accommodating the new changes. The first problem has made itself obvious with our lunches being over crowded and unorganized. While the staff has changed some lunches for students to try and fix this issue, it is not going to help the problems we are having during lunch. We believe that adding B lunch would make lunches easier on both staff and students because of the alarming influx of students in each lunch.

With so many students in each lunch, the lines for the cafeteria and snack bar are extremely long. This leads to students spending a majority of the already short lunch period in lines, and not having a lot of time to sit and eat their food. With the influx of students, there are also not enough places for them to sit to eat their food once they get it. The union isn’t large enough to accommodate this overwhelming number of students at one time.

Most other high schools in Leander ISD have B lunch. It is understandable that our school did not have a third lunch when we didn’t have all four classes, but now that we do, it’s time for a change. Adding B lunch has worked for other high schools and it would work for ours as well.

The administration has noticed and attempted to fix this issue by moving some students from one lunch to the other. Many of our newspaper staff members have been affected by this change, yet it has not been effective in fixing the large amount of students in every lunch. No matter how you move the students among the two lunches, it’s still the same amount of students. The only way to fully fix this is to add another lunch.

Our school is only expected to grow, and adding another lunch will become even more of a necessity within the next year or so. Adding it now, although it will be something to adjust to, will only benefit staff and students.