Cap and gown design needed student involvement

The senior graduation will be on May 31, 2019. The cap and gown were designed by Principal Lomeli with the help of the class ring maker, Herff Jones. The gown is navy blue with orange and white stripes on the sleeve and the school crest on the left side of the chest, and the cap is navy blue with white and orange tassels. Although the cap and gowns could have been worse, the junior class should have been involved in the designing process.

The gown and cap could have been all orange, which was a present worry, but the crest along with the stripes are a controversial stylistic choice. The school’s goal is to be advanced and different from every high school, but many students would like a traditional graduation experience. Our school provides classes unique to LISD and is built to enhance students’ learning experience, but it should stick to major traditions like a solid color cap and gown.

A poll could have been emailed to all juniors with a few choices of cap and gowns. This would have allowed the staff and Jones to design it and the student body still would have had a say. Emailing a poll would also have forced students to check their emails, which is what Lomeli has been encouraging for the past few weeks. A student committee could have been made to design the cap and gowns like how the rings were designed. This also would have involved students and they could have made a gown specific to the class of 2019 and that could have started a new tradition for the school.

Walking across the stage and receiving a diploma is the most defining in a students high school experience. Students should have a say in what they wear if it’s not the traditional solid color cap and gown.