Kanye’s opinions gateway for hate

Kanye West’s descent into “free-thinking” is actually opening a gateway for racists to use his words to fuel their ignorance.

Recently, West had posted a selfie with Donald Trump on Twitter, along with a signed MAGA hat. He went on to say that he supports Trump and his campaign, which is harmful to minorities. Trump has been known to say racist remarks, such as spewing hateful speeches against Mexicans and other races.

West is an influential black man known by many. As he shows that he supports Trump and agrees with his ideals, many Trump supporters will use the fact that West is a black man who believes in Trump’s racist agenda for the wrong reasons.

To make more of a mess out of things, West said in a TMZ interview that slavery was a choice. Africans were taken, treated horribly, and forced to serve a master. No one would willingly go through what slaves have gone through in the past. Since the beginning, there have been multiple uprisings and riots during the Middle Passage. Since the time they got on those boats, our black ancestors have been attempting to flee their suppressors, and for Kanye, a descendant, to say that is insulting and disgusting.

Some might say West is just speaking his mind, and everyone should have that choice to do so. But, the thoughts that he’s putting into the online world is a gateway for hate and racism.

Kanye West is using his influence in a negative way. Instead of spouting the ignorance he calls “free-thinking,” he should find other ways to positively affect his own race.