National Turtle Day

National Turtle Day was originally started in 1990 by the American Tortoise Foundation as a means to protect and recognize turtles around the world as well as their disappearing habitats. The holiday takes place on May 23. Turtles and tortoises respectively are suffering, almost on the edge of extinction due to environmental hazards and issues with hunting and harvesting of their eggs, this is a day to raise awareness to protect these noble creatures.

Almost 70 percent of the turtle species alive today are endangered including seven species of sea turtles, as well as more than 12 species of land turtles. Whether it be from global warming, predators or human activities, these beautiful creatures need to be protected.

You can celebrate National Turtle Day by donating to charities dedicated to protecting them or you can have a turtle themed party. You can also help out by going out and helping clean up their environment and spreading awareness to others the danger they pose. For example, you can help by simply  making sure that plastic can rings are cut before thrown away and that you recycle. Keeping the environment clean helps not only turtles but other sea life as well.

National Turtle Day can be celebrated anywhere, anyway and by anyone. So long as you have good intentions and seek to do your best at preserving the life of the creatures unable to save themselves from our destructive ways, then that is enough.