Arturo Lomeli

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“The best thing about working here is easy: it’s the people. Students here are amazing, they work hard, all trying to do what’s right and all want to enjoy the high school experience. The staff here really care about the kids. We’re not perfect, nobody’s perfect, but our teachers really have their heart in the right place when it comes to supporting the them. It’s awesome to be the first principal of a new school, it’s a huge responsibility, it’s very rare for a principal to open up a high school, it’s kind of a ‘once of a lifetime’ deal. It’s hard work because traditions and systems aren’t  already established so everything needs a new meaning and conversations and planning. All of this makes it hard but the payoff is awesome, like seeing people happy, seeing those people excited after our first prom, or all the firsts in this school. I also think next year I am looking forward to that we would have two years under our belt and some procedures may hopefully be a lot stronger. However, we’re going to have our first class of seniors, so even lunch lines are going to need to look a little different. I love the positive spirit and how it’s carried over the last two years, but we have more to it.”