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Literature Club, space for minds to roam

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Flexible meetings are held every Tuesday for all students who love to read and write. Whether it be poetry short story, novel or biography, the Literature Club welcomes any new members willing to join.

Originally, Literature Club started out as a book club. Over time, the need for a place where creative writers come together changed the club’s direction. Not only is it a creative writing club, it also welcome those in need of help with anything involving literature. The club is meant to be a place where great minds can come together to improve and share their passion.

“Our idea is that the club will enrich people’s minds and enable them to express their creativity in a supportive environment,” sophomore Lola Jobi said. “We want to help people connect together with their unique styles.”

Rather than being seen as a second after school english class, the club wants to be recognized as a fun activity like any other such as theatre or dance. Whether you believe that you are good at writing or not, the club is meant to help improve that creative skill and morph it into something beautiful that any individual can be proud of.

“The club is important to me because it means having a place to let go and write out my own world and explore others,” Jobi said. “Our main goal is to change peoples minds about writing and to make them see it as something enthralling rather than something boring.”

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Literature Club, space for minds to roam