Band overcomes nerves and gets ones

Symphonic and Wind band got all ones in their UIL performance April 18 at Leander High School.

This is the second time the Band has received all ones at UIL. The bad has been practicing their high level songs since the beginning of January.

“I definitely thought they were challenging,” junior Aidan Burrit said. “Just for the amount of work it required for the brass and woodwinds compared to the other stuff we’ve played.”

Even though the band plays during every football game and has competed before, members still get nervous before they step into the competition room.

“Typically [I’m] a little nervous, but I take deep breaths to calm myself down,” junior Matthew  Winkley said. “It depends on the performance and what’s at stake. If its a bigger performance, people are more nervous than a small performance that doesn’t have a lot of meaning and just for fun.”

The band celebrated and took pictures with their trophy and started to learn new music in class.

“I felt relieved and at the same time happy [that we go all ones],” freshman Isabel Stokes said. “Because we’ve been practicing the music for so long, it felt good to get it over with and move on.”

Some members have high expectations for next year’s competition.

“With the motivation we have and the determination we have, I believe that we [get all ones next year] and we will,” Stokes said.

While some members aren’t thinking ahead and take learning the new songs day by day.

“I don’t expect it,” Burrit said. “I make it as a goal for the band.”