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Trailors don’t do “Isle of Dogs” justice

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Claymation is an artform known by many and appreciated by little. “Isle of Dogs” is a twist of Japanese culture and a futuristic dystopia. The movie’s focused on dogs ridden with sickness and exile them to a musty and trashed island, a little boy named Atashi lands on the island and attempts to find his beloved dog with the help of a pack of dirty, abandoned dogs.

From the beginning, Isle of Dogs enraptured you with it’s powerful introduction of traditional Japanese music. I couldn’t take my eyes away from the masterful and detailed clay people. Also, they incorporated drawn animation into the movie which made it more interesting to look at it. I think the contrast between clay and actual animation was well balanced and added to the story.

The trailers didn’t do the actual movie justice. Instead of a boring, basic storyline, the plot is full of adventure and a huge plot twist at the end. Also, you could definitely sense the character development between all the characters, and the end of the movie there’s a sense of balance that spreads amongst the whole audience. If you’re an avid lover of claymation, I’d definitely suggest watching this movie.


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Trailors don’t do “Isle of Dogs” justice