“A Quiet Place” is suspensfully scary

“A Quiet Place” is about a society who lives in fear of creatures that hunt by sound, the death angels. The people who are still alive have to be absolutely silent in order to survive

The main focus is on a family who becomes endangered from accidental noises made by each family member. In the movie the wife/mother is pregnant at this time and during her birth, I could see everyone clutching onto their seats, it was a heart racing moment because when you think of someone having a baby you’d expect them scream or make any sort of distressed noise because a baby is trying to make its way out, this was just one of the many intense scenes throughout the movie.

Not only did it this movie get me on the edge of my seat but it was personally the best scary movie I’ve seen in the past two months now. The entire time I was feeling anxious and my emotions were completely scattered. Personally I feel the ending could have been better in few different ways but other than that I felt satisfied with the entire plot and how it was executed.

The trailer itself had my heart beat faster than it should’ve from all the suspense, the thought of living in complete silence so you won’t get hunted by an unknown creature is absolutely spine-chilling.

Overall it was an amazing movie and I would definitely see this movie again. Highly recommended for anyone looking for something new to watch or anyone who wants to go out with friends on a Saturday night.