Love Simon, cliche or moving?

“Love Simon” hit the big screen a couple weeks ago and teenagers everywhere are infatuated by the insanely unique and charming story.

It was the coming-of-age story we didn’t know we needed. The story features a gay teenage boy that is about to come out the closet. Anonymous email conversations between Simon and this infamous character, Blue, are discovered by the school’s nerd “Martin.” Martin uses this leverage to blackmail Simon throughout the movie in exchange for Simon helping Martin win over the hottest girl in the school.

The plot, if put in the hands of the wrong writers and producers, could have taken a cliche turn for the worst, but Wyck Godfrey put in obvious effort to make this movie come across as zealous and purposeful.

“Love Simon” is refreshingly unique and achieves a greater purpose that a lot of movies from this age lack. Teenagers will not only walk away learning a thing or two of what it is like being a closeted gay in today’s society but also the satisfaction of getting the love story a lot of us have waited so long for.