Awolnation’s new album continues unique flair

Popular for their hit song “Run,” the band Awolnation released a new album labeled “Here Come the Runts.” Just as expected, the album stays true to their style. Any song of theirs sounds so uniquely Awolnation that they could be off the same album. It’s refreshing to see an artist keep to their original and unique style.

One of the songs that really stood out was “Seven Sticks of Dynamite,” a seemingly violent love song. However the most popular song seems to be “Passion,” the first released song. Much like their other albums, “Here Come the Runts” is very energetic and full of Aaron Bruno’s soft and explosive voice. Like most Awolnation music, this album brings a lot of confusion with songs like “My Molasses.” Without realising what the song is about, it would be really odd to hear a song about molasses.

Overall I was surprised that the music was still the same style yet was still able to carry its own bit of uniqueness. With this being their third album in the past three years, I didn’t have too high of expectations but, Awolnation has blown my mind.