Mia Mohler’s nationals journey

The room was filled with piercing eye contact from the crowd. Anticipation was building higher and higher waiting for the starting whistle-everyone on the edge of their seat-watching and waiting who will walk away with a win.

At regionals, sophomore Mea Mohler, got invited by a coach from Rouse High School to compete at nationals. On March 22-25, Mohler traveled to Oklahoma city to compete against other girls representing their state.

“It felt amazing and I was excited to go, I competed against girls from Ohio and California,” Mohler said. “Wrestling someone else from another state wasn’t a frustrating feeling but more exhilarating.”

With Nationals approaching, Mohler took advantage of every practice time, in and out of school. Working hard to cut her weight for her wrestling category. Her strength was not the only thing she had to work on, but of course the cost, Mohler saved and received donations to make her National dream, a reality.

“I felt very honored and beyond happy,” Mohler said. “My friends and family were helping me every step of the way.”

Mohler traveled to nationals with close friends from Rouse High School and Bowie High School. With her friends by her side, her confidence and adrenaline kicked in when she needed it the most. They cheered her on and had hopes for her during each match.

“My friends were very supportive and awesome to have with me and I’ve learned so much from them,” Mohler said. “We just went to Oklahoma for the competition and had a lot of fun while we there.”

Mohler has planned to step up her game for next year’s wrestling season. Making nationals one of her important priorities so she can make a mark for herself as a serious and remembered high school wrestler. She believes her motivation and workout routines will help her make it to nationals once again.

“Going to nationals next year is definitely my biggest goal,” Mohler said. “I would love to advance even more next year and just learn more about wrestling.”