School isn’t preparing us for life

In all of the years we’ve been in school we’ve learned about history, math, english and  science. But they’re not teaching us the reality of life after high school. We believe schools should develop a class to learn how to live in the real world.

The classes we take don’t necessarily teach us exactly what we need to know. While some of them are helpful, the rest of the material we learn, frankly isn’t. Learning who said what in the Cold War and how many cells are in a plant, isn’t preparing anyone who graduates what life will be like beyond high school classrooms.

We have been told by teachers that what we’re learning in school will help us in the future, but when we asked other teachers they said they never used most of what they were taught from high school after they graduated. The only subject they used out of high school is what they teach in a high school or help tutor other students.

You may say ‘your parent or guardian can teach you that’ but even most students parent or guardian can’t explain it and/or do the taxes for their child. It’s better to be taught how to do taxes, how to get life and care insurance, how to take out loans from your bank, how to lease an apartment and so much more as we become adults. These are not common life skills for 17 and 18-year-olds.

With our soon to be graduates still questioning what they’re supposed to do after high school and college, there needs to be a change in the school system. A lifestyle class should be required for seniors before they leave, so they know their plans and what exactly to do. At this point we’re hearing in the halls and in classrooms that students are going to ‘wing it’ when we they graduate.

In all the years we’ve been in school, it would have been helpful to learn about adulthood instead of being let out in the world hoping for the best. School is to educate young minds but the most important things we need to know in life is not being taught to us. A class needs be developed for all schools to teach students what life will be like as an adult.