School didn’t prepare students for college applications

Juniors are in the process of applying for college. Not much information is being provided by the school so everyone is a little flustered when it comes to determining the means of going about this process.

Most juniors start applying for college in their second semester. Our school seems to have fallen behind when it comes to this phenomenon with not even the salutatorian having applied to her college of choice.

Students don’t really know how to go about creating resumes for colleges or gathering the necessary resources. We have little guidance and are kind of playing it by ear.

Juniors have already had their individual guidance meeting about their future plans for college and/or life after high school, but seem to still be on the dark about the matter.

Students were told to go on to apply for Texas schools, but still are not sure where to go to apply for out-of-state schools. Class meetings, we should be discussing matters like this more so than the latest problem in the dress code or PDA at our school.

Juniors are taking it one step at a time conducting their own research about how to go about applying for college.

Several students have gone on college websites for Texas Universities and our starting to schedule college tours, hoping visiting the colleges themselves will shed some more light on the process than what we have been provided with.