Softball makes strides from last year

Halfway through the softball season, the varsity team has managed to win the mass majority of their games and make a name for themselves.

In their first year as a varsity team, they have competed in a total of 24 games and won 17 of them, which is a stark contrast to last years softball season. The team has made extreme improvements from the previous year.

“We’re playing as a team, and we’re so much better than last year,” pitcher and second base Hailey Arrington said. “We’re really getting our heads in the game. It’s like last year we were playing individually, this year we’re playing as a team.”

During the team’s practices, they practice throwing, pitching, defense and conditioning

“We practice everyday, sometimes even Saturdays,” first base Tatianna Johnson said. “We had to practice over spring break, every single morning. The only day we had off was Sunday.”

No team is perfect, and the girls still have things to improve on, both inside and outside of practice.

“We need to work on our mental mindset,” Johnson said. “There are some [teammates] that lack effort, or you know they just don’t care and don’t want to be there. It’s aggravating”

The team has worked hard for two years now, and the improvements are obvious.

“People don’t realize that [softball] is not easy,” Johnson said. “People think we just hit a ball and run, it’s not really like that though. It’s a lot more than just hitting a ball. There are a lot of other things you have to think about.”