Black History Month shouldn’t be ignored

In the middle of central Texas, Leander has a history of being notorious when it comes to neglecting recognition of black success where credit is due. Our school can be compared to the infamous Permian High School from the popular Texas-based TV series, “Friday Night Lights,” where African American culture often goes overlooked. We believe that there is not even as much of a slight acknowledgement that Black History month exists at our school.

Yet another February went by with our students being ill-informed on the history of the people that helped mold our nation and are not being learned about in history classes- African Americans.

Several measures could have been taken to ensure that black history month at our school was a success. One of them being, posters and other forms of propaganda being hung up around the school that display various facts about historical African American figures and what they stood for.

The school could have taken 30 seconds out of the announcements to tell one fact about black history each day. 900 seconds is all it would have took to inform our school a little bit more about a race so prevalent in our community that often goes overlooked and misunderstood.

Our school undoubtedly made a mistake this year by not taking advantage of the opportunity to inform students and even faculty on black history month. With all the phenomenons that have occurred lately— NFL players taking a knee, police brutality, etc.— it would have been a perfect opportunity for our school to shed light on these topics. Hopefully this won’t be a reoccurring mistake and black history month be brought to our school in the years to come.